Why Moroccan Rug Cleaning Shouldn’t Be Put Off

Rug cleaning will add years on to a rug's life, but this isn't the only reason why rug cleaning shouldn't be forgotten. While providing great visual appeal and a lot of utility, rugs can also unfortunately be home to dust, allergens, bacteria, and a bunch of other particles and organisms that you don't want on your rugs.
Routine vacuuming is definitely good, but this isn't going to illuminate these negative elements like a professional rug cleaning service will. Our experts have the skills and tools necessary to make your rugs not only vibrant and attractive again but sanitary as well. It's important to only have clean rugs in a home, as dirty ones can be harmful to children, the elderly, and those who have bad allergies and asthma.

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How Our Moroccan Rug Cleaning Process Works

Our Moroccan rug cleaning process is straightforward, and this is one reason why we are preferred by both home and business owners who need Moroccan rug cleaning in Westchester. We will wash the underlay of your rug as well as the floor beneath the rug—if we are performing an at-home rug cleaning service—and we’ll take all necessary measures to ensure your rug dries out properly.
Cleaning a Moroccan rug is not easy work, but our rug cleaning experts will walk you through every step of the process so you know what we are doing at all times. When we clean your rug, it will not only be sanitary, but the airflow in the room which house’s the rug will improve as well. Air quality will improve too. Here’s more on our specific Moroccan rug cleaning process.
First, our experts will assess the colorfastness of the rug before cleaning it; when it comes to cleaning Moroccan rugs, preparation is very important. We’ll also remove whatever loose fibers, dirt, grit, and debris we can before cleaning, as these particles can be more damaging when wet.
Next, we’ll gently wash your rug, taking extra care as we know a wet rug can get damaged easily. We’ll only use cleaning products that are designed for Moroccan rugs, and we’ll refrain from doing any vigorous scrubbing.

Removing Pet Stains And Odors

If you have furry friends at home, then you know that these little critters can be quite cute. But one downside to owning pets is that you'll always be picking up after them, especially when it comes to shedding. Both cats and dogs shed, and both can have accidents here and there as well.
When you're afraid that a pet stain is going to ruin your Moroccan rug, get in touch with our team. We’ll make your rug look like the stain was never there. This is why we are preferred by pet owners who need Moroccan rug cleaning in Westchester. We can also remove the smell of dog—something that’s not easy work if you don’t have the right cleaning products and tools.